Sunday, January 20, 2013

Social Media

The life is so much fun with the help of social media, isn't it ? Well, basically it means communicating with other people through internet to exchange ideas, share knowledge and much more, the list never ends that what advantages we take from social media. Like if you want to get knowledge about anything, lets take an example of cooking, you can search it in Google  and get 100 ways to cook that particular dish. Isn't that great ? Google is the largest revenue generating company in social media, so you can imagine that how social  media is growing. There are also some other social media powerful sources like twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blogger, Wikipedia, Second Life, MySpace, WordPress, Google+, Pinterest and a lot more. Facebook is the biggest platform for sharing ideas, updating news and also interacting with people. Now, for some people(including me), there is no life without social media.
YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. It is so easy that you can upload a video on YouTube and the whole world can watch that video. Most of the content on YouTube is uploaded by individuals. YouTube uses HTML5 technology to display their  video content. However, YouTube was founded by some individuals working in PayPal but later on it was bought by Google.
Facebook is the most used website on internet. It has most users than  any other website on internet. It has got more than a billion users. Interacting through Facebook is so much easier than anything else. Skype is the website that can be used for video chatting all around the world just for free.
Social media is a great way doing business and earning money. Sometimes we do business with those people, with whom we have never interacted in person. It is so easier to find new employment opportunities via social media. You can do online shopping with social media. So social media had become an important part in most of the people's life, that what i think.