Sunday, February 10, 2013

Do you believe that social media has increased or decreased the quality of news

I think that social media is a great addition to our lives and it has improved and somehow increased the spread of information. However, it also has some negative aspects. Social media had brought some changes in the ways of communicating and collecting and retrieving information. The most significant benefit of using social media that it is an accessible and inexpensive source of communication that enables the never ending flow and exchange of information. It allows people to communicate across the globe and to access information and news from the entire world. We no longer have to wait for the evening news because we can now access information or news much quicker via internet.
                  Despite the fact that social media enables a quick access to different types of information, it is essential to remember that not  all information comes from a credible and a reliable source. In many cases general people can access social media websites and add own comments and information that are simply based on media can be both accurate and misleading in information provided.
With the increase of available information through social media I believe that the quality of information may have increased as readers have more access to various sources and can better determine the validity of the news and information reported. This may also allow readers to form better decisions in regards to the quality and credibility of information posted. If approached with caution and awareness I do believe that readers now have access to more quality based information.