Monday, March 25, 2013

Change did happen

“Change can happen”-Barack Obama used to say this earlier when he was fighting to win 2008 elections for the president of United States. And this change would not have happened if he didn’t used social media at its maximum extent. He’s not just the first African American president but also the first president to utilized technologies beyond email or a cell phone to office to raise campaign donations. He’s the first “Social Media President” in history. He was the first one who understood the power of sharing and communicating through social media not only to deliver and receive messages, but to energize the Americans into action. Barack Obama along with his whole campaign team focused in and realized the power and they utilized different technologies that took them from the bottom to the top. Even in the 2012 elections, Obama used social media pretty well for his campaigns. It wasn’t just one social media website that they used, they used everything working in conjunction with other websites, complementing each other and promoting the same singular message of the change that can happen if people who use those websites helped to elect Barack Obama as the President of United States of America.
  All these politicians should have a page on Facebook and twitter as well because these two websites are most popular social media sources all around the world. They can use these websites to promote their campaigns like they can make a special page where they can put on information regarding their coming events and what they going to do if they win. This can help people a lot when it comes to making their decision when they go for voting. Also, politicians have a huge advantage to gain more knowledge from their followers that what they want and how they want, so that they can follow their instructions and become an all-people lover political party.

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