Monday, April 15, 2013

Social media in the future

These days there are great improvements in social media monitoring and analytics. The cultural shift would take people to expose their personal details widely on different social media sites. Sharing their likes, dislikes, opinions, photos, videos and other forms of personal information will be the norm and people will become more accepting of personalized experiences, both business and personal, those are reacting to lack of personal information.
Social networks would be decentralized. Friend’s network concept will be a portable experience. Most of the digital experiences will be able to take advantage of the power of social networks in a way that leverages readily available personal information and the relationships that we establish electronically. We’re already seeing the beginnings of this with Facebook Connect and Google’s FriendConnect. Essentially, our interaction with search engines will be different. Real-time information in Google search, e.g. from Twitter, blog results and user reviews, will be more prominent. Google’s Social Search will change the way we interact with search engines by pushing relevant content from our personal networks to the front of search results, making them more personalized.
Widely accessible information from all around the social media world will be used to enhance everyday experiences. Let’s take and example, the contacts book in our phones links to Facebook and Twitter to show real-time updates on what the contact is doing before you put in the call, real-time reviews from friends and associates will appear in GPS-based mapping services as a standard feature, and socially enabled CRM will change the way companies manage business relationships forever. Social media will become an ordinary thing in everyone’s life that the thoughts of not having socially enhanced experiences will seem illogical. I hope we are not talking about the social media in the future and we just refer to digital media again.

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  1. I see what you mean on how everything we do will be more and more connected as time goes on. Adding someone on Facebook will give you access to their profile on twitter or their Skype. We will become more connected at the cost of our privacy. Everyone can talk to anyone now so we need to remind ourselves that once something is on the web it will be always there. You can delete a picture but it could have been saved on someones computer or shared around the web. As this is how the future of social media will be, we need to remember to educate ourselves on the importance of privacy and respect on the web. When you say something assume the whole world is watching.